Dealie is first and one of a kind after the inventing of playing cards and only a smartphone application that allows you to deal cards in reality. Just take it as an extention of you and your smartphone to deal cards.  

You can use dealie for poker, bridge or any other card game. Open the app that is most suitable for your needs, connect your smartphone to dealie and start dealing the cards.

In addition to dealie's functionality and quality, it is designed to satisfy your taste in beauty. The exterior of dealie is carved from solid wood and merged with aluminium. We offer three species of wood treated with organic and non-allergenic colorless oils.

Dealie does not shuffle nor flip over the cards.

To provide the best playing and client experience we want to fully develop our software. For that reason, dealie with smartphone applications will be launched in 2019. To prebook dealie contact us or get yourself dealie for bridge today.